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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 2nd International Conference on Astrophysics and Particle Physics San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Day 3 :

OMICS International Particle Physics 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Qiuhe Peng photo

Qiuhe Peng is mainly engaged in Nuclear Astrophysics, Particle Astrophysics and Galactic Astronomy research. In the field of Nuclear Astrophysics, his research project involved a neutron star (pulsar), the supernova explosion mechanism and the thermonuclear reaction inside the star, the synthesis of heavy elements and
interstellar radioactive element such as the origin of celestial 26Al. In addition, through his lectures, he establishes Nuclear Astrophysics research in China. He was invited by Peking University, by Tsinghua University (both in Beijing and in Taiwan) and by Nuclear Physics institutes in Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou to give lectures on Nuclear Astrophysics for many times. He has participated in the international academic conferences over 40 times and he visited more than 20 countries. In 1994, he visited eight institutes in USA to give lectures. He is the first Chinese Astrophysicist to visit NASA and to give a lecture on the topic, “Nuclear Synthesis of Interstellar 26Al”. In 2005, he visited USA twice and gave lectures in eight universities again. Inviting six Astronomers of USA to give series lectures, he has hosted four consecutive terms summer school on gravitational wave astronomy. After the four-summer school obvious effect, at least 20 young scholars in China in the field of gravitational wave astronomy specialized in learning and research. 220 research papers by him have been published.


According to an abnormally strong radial magnetic field near the GC detected in 2013, we first demonstrate that the radiations observed from the region neighbor of the Galactic Center (GC) is hardly emitted by the gas of accretion disk which is prevented from approaching to the GC by the abnormally strong radial magnetic field. These radiations can't be produced by the black hole at the Center. Secondly, we demonstrate that the abnormally strong radial magnetic field near the GC discovered in 2013 is hardly produced by the α-turbulence dynamo mechanism which is the known most effective dynamo mechanism up to now. The dilemmas of both the black hole model at the GC and the discovery that very strong radial magnetic field in the neighbor of the GC are naturally solved in our model of supermassive object with magnetic monopoles (SMOMM) proposed by Peng and Chou at 2001, in which five predictions had been proposed. Three of these predictions are quantitatively confirmed by later astronomical observations. Thus, we believe that the discovery of abnormally strong radial magnetic field near the GC is probably just the astronomical observational evidence for magnetic monopole existence which is predicted in particle physics. The Conclusions of the paper are: 1) It could be an astronomical observational evidence of the existence of magnetic monopoles which it predicated in particle physics. 2) The black hole model of the GC is invalid. 3) The radiations emitted from the region near the GC may be naturally explained by our model and then our model containing magnetic monopoles could be a reasonable one.

Keynote Forum

Al Zahrani Abdullah

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Keynote: Wavy žTheory

Time : 09:30-10:00

OMICS International Particle Physics 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Al Zahrani Abdullah photo

Al Zahrani Abdullah has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Aero Science from King Fisal Air Academy “KFAA” as a military pilot around 14 years as a pilot in Royal Saudi Air Force. He is the Founder and CEO of Alzahrani Space Innovation, part of Alzahrani International Holding Group SPZOO, Poland. He is interested in Physics, Astrophysics & Space Science and Research in Medicine.


All theories, which describe the beginning of universe, focus on that the universe started with huge explosion, which created everything, while we should ask how galaxies and planets started and black holes were created. We should have a key to understand and proof for that. Which scientists just explain what they want to get in the result, which we already see today? In this paper, I am going to show how I can prove that the universe started with a wave of light, a wave which made the space rubble around and move far away from the source. And during wavy movement galaxies formed and even planets, stars and black holes were formed by curving space only while time is moving smoothly. Through deep looking to the shape and way of movement of the wave we can notice that it is easy to shape galaxies and even black holes. When a galaxy fail to create enough force or gravity to hold together it will just disappear by stronger gravity created by centralized force inside the spherical waves. From that explanation, we can tell that space is moving originally to one direction but the formation of galaxies move in different directions and that is why we see galaxies not rotating around other galaxies. Through this theory, we can tell that galaxies located in certain position share the same properties as other galaxies except properties in time and space like temperature.